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The last time I saw my father alive I knew he was going to die.  When he did pass, several weeks later, the grief of family and friends was overwhelming. But I cried because I was confused. I knew my father’s energy would always be with me, and couldn’t grasp how no one else understood this.   This confusion convinced me that I may be wrong, especially as the church I occasionally attended had a following of most of our small town. I was eight years old, the youngest of seven children.  Who would listen to me?

It would be decades before I heard the voice of my father again. My mother had not long passed and they were discussingthe car I was about to purchase. 

After my mother’s death I was grief stricken, having succumbed to the universal ideas of lifeand death. Because of these beliefs,I suffered debilitating back pain, and it became clear to me that modern medicine was not a cure. A friend recommended a metaphysical psychologist, and for the first time I met my higher self.

I then went on a journey, trying to relearn all that I understood as a child. I finally knew I was the master of my body and life, but this concept was not readily accepted by society. One beacon of hope was ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay. But even this book did not complete my knowledge, only offering a tantalising glimpse of what lay over the horizon.

The more information I gathered the more was revealed to me. My nephew visited me nine years after he passed. He presented himself at the age he would have been had he lived, and I recognised him by his wavy blonde hair.  I was seeing images, hearing voices, and feeling things in my heart.

One day I was urged to sit in front of my computer.  I was then surrounded by my Angels and Guides and told to start typing.  They had a story for me to tell and I was bombarded with information. This went on for days and I was making hash of it because I was trying to exert some control over the gender of the main character.  It finally twigged that I need to just put the information down the way they presented it to me.

When I was rewriting the information given to me, I remembered three specific past life experiences. In each life I was a Messenger of Light, which didn’t end well for me. Two consecutive lives were as witches, but the one that had the most impact on me was that of an Aztec High Priest who was executed by his King. In these lives I was aiding the people of my community to be productive while coping with the vagaries of nature. InsteadI was regarded as a threat, and the people I loved turned on me.  I was devastated.

These memories filled me with fear for my safety. I was once again a Messenger of Light and the information I had was completely opposed to current world beliefs. I shut down the link with my Angels and Guides, and set the book aside.

I drifted through life for the next ten years.

Then one day...

Life Explained
Life Explained

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