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Higher Self

Your Higher Self or I Am presence is your connection to the four realms of existence thatare not physically manifested.  This connection allows you to interact with each and every realm.  Even though your physical manifestation will interact with the physical world, you are still connected to your Higher Self through something similar to an umbilical cord.  This connection allows easy communication with your Angels and Guides, and with Divinity.  You have to remember that each of the Seven Planes of Existence are not one dimensional but vast, the size of the universe multiplied seven times.  This is why there is occasionally conflicting information from survivors of near death experiences or from people who hear the voice of a loved one that has passed.  
Life is about choices, and sometimes our decisions are not so wise and we are left struggling with the consequences.  When you have a strong connection with your Angels and Guides through your Higher Self then you have loving help to support you.

So how can you increase the strength of the connection between your physical manifestation and your Higher Self?  Unfortunately most of us are not taught these techniques from birth so these lessons are not as easy to follow as you get older.

Know what I am teaching you is truth.
Know that you are a Divine Being.
Know that your physical experience is temporary but your soul is eternal.
Know that you come from a place of love and are surrounded by love.

Be wholly in the present. There is nothing to worry about. You are perfect. Just be. There is no need to force yourself to attain this state of mind, just accept it.  Relax and be.  In the here and now there are no worries, no obligations and no problems, just you and warmth, ears listening to life, skin feeling cloth or breeze, your nose catching scents from the air.  Keep taking these quiet times for yourself and things will shift.  This is meditation at its finest.

Seven Planes of Existence.

  1. Earth.  All inanimate objects
  2. Lesser beings, as in reactive and not cognitive
  3. Cognitive beings, such as plants and animals
  4. Astral plane is the transitional level, the plane where you enter and leave the third plane.  You bring your life contract here with you.
  5. The Wise Onesare our Guardians, Guides and Archangels.
  6. The Library holds Universal truths and laws.  It is God in stasis.This is where your contract goes after you have lived your life, into your own personal folder.
  7. Divinity, Universe, Creator, White Light, God. God in action.

We are all connected.  Every level is accessible to all.
God’s energy flows through every level.

White Light

White Light is Divinity, or God, in Action.

Understanding the Seven Planes of Existence, and that each plane is as vast as the Universe, will give you some perspective of the power of each plane.  White Light is of the Seventh Plane, Divinity.

White Light is a periphery of Divinity, meaning that it is something that all of us can easily access if we know how.  Using various techniques, Lightworkers harness this God Energy for various applications, most often for personal protection or to release negative energy.  SomeLightworkersare so adept with these practices that they are able to assist others.

To enhance yourattempts to utilise this Energy it is advisable to be familiar with your Chakras, the seven dominant energy centres of your physical body.  More often as not a Lightworker will send their energy up through their Crown Chakra, using their strong connection with their Higher Self, to access Divinity, or God Energy.  This technique is just one.  For best effect you need to listen to your body and discover where you feel energy the strongest.  For some who have done Reiki, they feel that energy in their hands.

Wherever you feel that concentration of energy, use that as your starting point and imagine your personal energy goes up to the Universe and connects with White Light or Divinity, make your request, be it releasing negative energy or requesting personal protection, and then imagine being bathed in that Light.  It really is that simple.

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Life Explained

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